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It can be used in the VPC environment.


Searches the list of subnets.


Request parameter

Parameter name Requirement status Type Restrictions Description
regionCode No String regionCode
You can obtain regionCode through the getRegionList action.
Default: Selects the first region of the getRegionList search results.
vpcNo Yes String VPC number of the subnet to be searched
You can obtain vpcNo through the getCloudHadoopTargetVpcList action.
cloudHadoopImageProductCode Yes String Cloud Hadoop image product code
You can obtain cloudHadoopImageProductCode through the getCloudHadoopImageProductList action.
isPublic No Boolean Public subnet search status
output No String Format type of the response result
Options: xml | json
Default: xml


Response body

  • TargetSubnetList type
TargetSubnetList extends CommonResponse
private Integer totalRows;
private List<TargetSubnet> TargetSubnetList = new ArrayList<>();
private String subnetNo;
private String subnetName;
private String vpcNo;
private String vpcName;
private String zoneCode;
private String subnet;
private Boolean isPublic;
private Date createdDate;



ncloud vhadoop getCloudHadoopTargetSubnetList --regionCode KR --vpcNo 39** --cloudHadoopImageProductCode SW.VCHDP.LNX64.CNTOS.0708.HDP.15.B050

Response examples


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