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    Article Summary

    Can be used in a VPC environment.


    It searches the instance list of Cloud DB for MySQL (VPC) to be linked to the Cloud Hadoop Hive metastore.


    Request parameter

    Parameter nameRequirement statusTypeRestrictionsDescription
    regionCodeNoStringRegion code
    You can decide the region to test whether Hive metastore linkage is possible.
    You can obtain the regionCode through the getRegionList action.
    Default: Selects the first region of the getRegionList search results.
    cloudHadoopInstanceNoYesStringCloud Hadoop instance number that can be connected to the Cloud DB for MySQL (VPC) to be linked to the Hive metastore
    You can obtain the cloudHadoopInstanceNo through the getCloudHadoopInstanceList action.
    outputNoStringFormat type for the response result
    Options: xml | json
    Default: xml


    Response data type

    • CloudMysqlInstanceListForHiveMetaStore type
    CloudMysqlInstanceListForHiveMetaStore extends CommonResponse
    private Integer totalRows;
    private List<CloudMysqlInstanceForHiveMetaStore> cloudMysqlInstanceListForHiveMetaStore = new ArrayList<>();
    private String cloudMysqlInstanceNo;
    private String cloudMysqlInstanceName;
    private String vpcName;


    Request example

    ncloud vhadoop getCloudHadoopMysqlInstanceList --regionCode KR --cloudHadoopInstanceNo 823***

    Response example


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