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Can be used in a VPC environment.


It searches the user list of Cloud DB for MySQL (VPC) to be linked to the Cloud Hadoop Hive metastore.


Request parameter

Parameter name Requirement status Type Restrictions Description
regionCode No String Region code
You can decide the region to test whether Hive metastore linkage is possible.
You can obtain the regionCode through the getRegionList action.
Default: Selects the first region of the getRegionList search results.
cloudMysqlInstanceNo Yes String Instance number of the Cloud DB for MySQL (VPC) to be linked to the Hive metastore
You can only search the information for Cloud DB for MySQL (VPC) users with the DDL permission.
You can obtain the cloudMysqlInstanceNo through the getCloudHadoopMysqlInstanceList action.
output No String Format type for the response result
Options: xml | json
Default: xml


Response data type

  • CloudMysqlUserListForHiveMetaStore
CloudMysqlUserListForHiveMetaStore extends CommonResponse
private Integer totalRows;
private List<CloudMysqlUserForHiveMetaStore> cloudMysqlUserListForHiveMetaStore = new ArrayList<>();
private String userName;
private String hostIp;
private String authority;


Request example

ncloud vhadoop getCloudHadoopMysqlUserList --regionCode KR --cloudMysqlInstanceNo 823***

Response example


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