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It can be used in a VPC environment.


Search a list of Cloud Hadoop server specification codes available for use.


Request parameters

Parameter name Requirement status Type Restrictions Description
regionCode No String - Region code
- You can decide the region where the list of Cloud Hadoop product codes will be searched.
- You can obtain the regionCode through the getRegionList action.
- Default: Select the first region of the getRegionList search results.
zoneCode No String - Zone code
- You can decide the zone where the list of Cloud Hadoop product codes will be searched.
- You can obtain the zoneCode through the getZoneList action.
cloudHadoopImageProductCode Yes String - Cloud Hadoop image product code
- Search the list of server specification products that can be created in Cloud Hadoop image products.
- You can obtain the cloudHadoopImageProductCode through the getCloudHadoopImageProductList action.
productCode No String - Cloud Hadoop product code to be searched
- You can obtain the productCode through the getCloudHadoopProductList action.
infraResourceDetailTypeCode No String - Detailed product code of other server infrastructures for Cloud for Hadoop
- Options : MSTDT | EDGND
exclusionProductCode No String - Cloud Hadoop product code to be excluded
- You can obtain the exclusionProductCode through the getCloudHadoopProductList action.
output No String - Format type for the response results
- Options: xml | json
- Default: json


Response data type

  • ProductList type
ProductList extends CommonResponse
private Integer totalRows;
private List<Product> cloudMongoDbInstanceList = new ArrayList<>();
private String productCode;
private String productName;
private CommonCode productType;
private String productDescription;
private CommonCode infraResourceType;
private CommonCode infraResourceDetailType;
private Integer cpuCount;
private Long memorySize;
private Long osMemorySize;
private Long baseBlockStorageSize;
private CommonCode platformType;
private String osInformation;
private CommonCode diskType;
private String dbKindCode;
private Long addBlockStorageSize;
private String generationCode;


Request example

ncloud vhadoop getCloudHadoopProductList --regionCode KR --cloudHadoopImageProductCode SW.VCHDP.LNX64.CNTOS.0708.HDP.15.B050 --productCode SVR.VCHDP.EDGND.STAND.C004.M016.NET.HDD.B050.G001  --infraResourceDetailTypeCode EDGND 

Response example

            <productName>vCPU 4EA, Memory 16GB, Disk 50GB</productName>
            <productDescription>vCPU 4EA, Memory 16GB, Disk 50GB</productDescription>
                <codeName>Cloud Hadoop (VPC)</codeName>
                <codeName>Network Storage</codeName>

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