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Available in VPC


It sends the Cloud DB for MySQL backup file to the user's Object Storage.


Request parameters

Parameter name Requirement status Type Restrictions Description
regionCode No String - Region code
regionCode can be obtained via the getRegionList action
Default: Selects the first region of the getRegionList query results
fileName Yes String - Backup file name
fileName can be obtained via the getCloudMysqlBackupDetailList action
bucketName Yes String - Object Storage bucket name
bucketName can be obtained via the Search bucket list action
folderPath No String - Upload folder path
The file is sent to the entered folder path.
cloudMysqlInstanceNo Yes String - Cloud DB for MySQL instance number
cloudMysqlInstanceNo can be obtained via the getCloudMysqlInstanceList action
output No String - Format type of the response result
Options : xml | json
Default : json


Request examples

ncloud vmysql exportBackupToObjectStorage --regionCode KR --fileName 20210528 --bucketName mysql-backup --cloudMysqlInstanceNo ****890 --folderPath cloud-db-for-mysql/

Response examples


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