Downloading CLI
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    Downloading CLI

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    Available in Classic and VPC

    The CLI must always be kept up-to-date for proper operation. For the CLI, there is a file for the Windows environment and a file for the Linux environment. Both files have the same structure, but their execution method differs slightly depending on the environment.

    • jre8: Ncloud CLI is developed using Java and requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE). The CLI folder contains the jre8 file. Please keep this in mind when JRE or JDK is already installed in the environment where the CLI is operated. (Runs on Java 1.8 or higher)
    • lib: this folder contains the JAR files related to CLI.
    • ncloud: this is a script file for executing the CLI JAR file. The file extension differs depending on whether it is a Windows or Linux environment.

    To download the latest version of all CLIs provided by NAVER Cloud Platform, please check the information and click Download.

    Date of publicationNameExtensionSizeVersionComponentChangesFile
    2024-06-20CLI_1.1.20_20240620zip280MB1.1.20- cli_linux: installation file for Linux environment
    - cli_windows: installation file for Windows environment
    - ncloud file
    - ncloud-api-cli-[version]-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies file
    • CLI 1.0.17 or earlier used JDK 1.7, but CLI 1.0.18 or later uses JDK 1.8. Thus, there may be issues when running on JDK 1.9 or later.
    • When using the internal JDK, scripts also need to be changed.

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